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CITI Diamond or TYP ?

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Re: CITI Diamond or TYP ?

Opps my bad lol, when I looked at the card at the branch the card looked exactly the same as mine so I guess it was the TYP

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Re: CITI Diamond or TYP ?

enharu wrote:
Citi TYP has better rewards structure.

The offer in the branch is for the TY card, not TYP. The offer is 5X gas, groceries and drug stores. It could come as WE, world, or platinum MC, depending on which citi approves you for. Typically it comes as world MC, and with sufficient spending or through other means, citi could upgrade it to world elite MC.

+ 1 (x5!)  Isn't the diamond basically limited to $300 rewards, except by going through their merchants?  With the various cards, TY can give back much more.


But: the program is in flux, they have added some benefits to the Thank You and Thank You preferred (and eliminated one or two things, but the good outweighs the bad I think).  However, if rumors are true, the Premier is going from a good card to a useless one.  Of course, any program with any issuer can change, but at present I would say, of the two, go with TYP.   Many would say ignore both and go with UR or MR or SPG!

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Re: CITI Diamond or TYP ?

CS800 wrote:

From cmparing both, it seems that the TYP has a better reward structure. No concerned about BT. Both have the concierge.



One is a mastercard, the other is a Visa. Seems like the TYP has better features.


Any Diamond preferred users out there for the defense?



Diamond Preferred also is available with EMV Chip, simply have to request a replacement if you have one already, or ask for it on application approval.

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Re: CITI Diamond or TYP ?

I've got the DP.  I got it mainly for the Private Pass and concierge which from what I understand the TYP has also.  I already have enough rewards cards so I figured why not throw a MasterCard into the mix if it has what I'm looking for.  If that's all you want the DP is fine but if you want rewards I'd go for the TYP no doubt.

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