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CLD again

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CLD again

I'm so Madddddddd Citicard just decreased my limit from 1090 to 860. This bites. This is all due to this upside down forclosure crap, a house that I cant give away. I'm really starting to loose the faith.

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Re: CLD again

hang in there, it's happening to everyone (ok alomost everyone). i've had 3 cld's this year.


1. amex 4k to 500

2. citi hilton 1k to 500

3. boa 15k to 14.1k


because of life events i'm running high uti on about half of my cards, maybe 60% utilized across the board. no lates and 2 of the 3 reorts are spotless (ex has an old collection that turns 7 years old next year).


just part of the times we live in. i knew it was coming and put the uti on my bank cards so i could preserve the limits on my cu cards, just in case i need to lean into my credit more heavily. we'll see if my strategy works.


i should be able to start to get aggressive witht he balances next month, feb at the latest.

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