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CLI AmEx Approval Limits?

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CLI AmEx Approval Limits?

I applied for a CLI to my AmEx gold on the fly. I was at 12K and off-the-cuff asked for 20K and was immediately approved. What could I have gotten? Would they have approved 45K? Does AmEx go much higher?

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Re: CLI AmEx Approval Limits?

They only so 3x at a time AFAIK so $36k would have probably been max for that go-round but it all depends on your qualifications. I've seen people with $50k+ limits on them but, unless your spend is super high, it's rather pointless IMO. For much over $25k be prepared to provide income docs. They don't always ask for it but it's not uncommon.
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Re: CLI AmEx Approval Limits?

$12K to $20K is relatively simple and moderate for folks around here.  The typical point in which you would need to provide IRS 4506 form for a CLI would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $35K.  If you're willing to support your request with the IRS doc you can go as high as they deem reasonable in relation to assets/debt/rent/income/etc.


$50K is a relatively easy thing to accomplish if you provide the doc or slowly work your way there over a few years.


More than $50K doesn't show up around here that often unless they're bored enough to come report it.  If $50K is too high then they'll counter back after reviewing your IRS form.  There's really no downside for shooting for the moon w/ AMEX as long as you have what you say you have.  Now if they spot something like requesting $50K on a 30K salary and you said you make 50K then there might be more supporting documentation needed like bank statements and employer verification resulting in a reduction or closure if they can't get what they need.


Per a couple of people around here allegedly you can go up to $1M on personal cards even though I thought it would be significantly lower than that for 99.999% of us.   The good news is you can go back for more in 6 months and roll the dice as you see fit Smiley Happy

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Re: CLI AmEx Approval Limits?

Quite the informative response! Thanks so much everyone.

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