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CLI Question


CLI Question

Does a cc product change with Citi have an impact on when you will be eligible for your next cli? I pif every month, util has never gone over 11% by statement end date(s).


Looking at when I can expect to see the luv button again or call in to ask.


Jan - Opened Plat Select, initial cl 1000

June - Cli of 800, total limit 1800

August - Converted to DP Amex


Thanks in advance

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Re: CLI Question

Don't call. Give it 3-4 months since last CLI.
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Re: CLI Question

Wait until you get the luv button and a CLI - then PC.


If you don't get the luv button you should know better than to ask.


Oh - I see you've already done it. Now just wait until you get the luv button again. The problem with changing to an Amex is that they had to change your account number. It shouldn't make a difference, but it could.

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