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CLI and how much it will help my score...

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CLI and how much it will help my score...

I am in my mid-20's, and new to the whole credit score/credit report thing. I recently checked my EQ and its 732. :-) (I haven't checked the other 2) I want to try to bring it up a bit in the next few years, and I heard/read that the quickest way to do this is to pay off any debts you may have, and to request CLI's from existing accounts.
My CR reads as follows:
Citizens MC- BAL $2800 CL $5000
Sleepys CC- BAL $750 CL $4500
2 Student loans- $2600 & $1200
Citi Visa CC- BAL $0 CL $650
AMEX Blue- BAL $0 CL $1000
2 Store Cards, 1 "Closed by consumer's request" Crap1 card. all zero Bal.

I have no Baddies- NONE, and pay everything on time.

I was thinking of trying to get Citi to increase my CL to around 2-3k. It is my oldest account (5 1/2 Yrs.) and I don't see why they wouldn't do it. EXCEPT, I have paid late a few times (years ago, and never more than 30 days) and I read somewhere that even if they don't report your late payment to the CRA's it still affects their rating with you as an existing customer. I'm wondering if they do increase my CL, how much would it likely be increased to, and is it worth doing, or should I just try to pay down my high balance on my Citizens MC?

Also- My boyfriend has bad credit and I was considering making him an AU on my citizens MC. Will this help him clean up his bad credit faster than him getting a secured CC?

Thanks for any advice you all might have!

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Re: CLI and how much it will help my score...

A mixture of credit will increase your credit score.  May want to consider a small secured loan from a bank or a car loan.

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Re: CLI and how much it will help my score...

Thanks blue_moon,


Hopefully this post will wake manda8702 up. 


Unfortunately, they posted this a few years back and evidently haven't been back.


Let's hope they got those balances paid down - that would have yielded a decent score increase.


Top that off with only one card reporting <9% and it would have turned out real pretty.


After getting the cc's squared away, they might have wanted to tweak with an installment - if they needed one.

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