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CLI-fest 2011

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CLI-fest 2011

So far, I have noticed forums showing that GEMB and HSBC both appear to be handing out CLI left and right--and they are pretty substantial in most cases as well.  Has anyone ever seen this pattern before?  It seems odd that two different CCCs are doing this at the same time.  I wonder what the reason is behind this.


Has anyone noticed any pattern changes with approvals and/or starting CL's from eithe of these CCC's lately?  I wonder if this is a good time to apply for a card from GEMB or HSBC since they appear to be "loosening things up" lately.


Unfortunately, I am one month away from being elibible for another CLI on my Wal Mart card.  Hopefully, their CLI spree will last another month or two.

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Re: CLI-fest 2011

GEMB has always been good about handing CLIs especially till the point you hit about 2k in CL


I have not heard anything like HSBC handing out a lot of CLIs.


Regarding your GEMB/Walmart CLI, you should have no trouble with it.

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Re: CLI-fest 2011

I can only speak from my experience with my only GEMB and HSBC accounts.  Last month I received a $1400 CLI on my Best Buy store card (3300 > 4700) and a $2500 CLI on my GEMB/Gap VISA (2050 > 4550).  Both are my second increases on the cards and the first ones were smaller by far.  The only thing is you have to put your request in at exactly the right time or later and not before then or their systems will auto decline you.

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