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CLI from citibank

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Re: CLI from citibank

westcafe wrote:
Well there is no fraud concerning him. His statement came out online on the 21st showing this payment was made. I don't have the statement in front of me to show the actual date of the payment, but it was before the 21st. So at this point if they were taking a payment from his bank account it would have already come out I would think. He doesn't have enough in there to cover this payment if it were the case. Can't wait to get to the bottom of this without it hurting him.


I advised him to make the minimum payment asap.

I absolutely agree!

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Re: CLI from citibank

No Great Aunts, but he does have a rich Grandmother who unfortunately would have no idea how to pay his credit card. Oh well, the mystery goes on. I advised him to check his account 2-3 times a day and keep calling to make sure nothing changes. We shall see! Very strange!
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Re: CLI from citibank

I once mailed a payment to bloomingdales and they applied it to the wrong account. I only realized when i called and they had cashed my check but not applied the payment. That can be the case with your sons account. Somebody was in a rush and imputed the wrong number. When i called bloomingdales they admitted it was applied to the wrong account after i faxed them the cashed check and they said that they would credit my account and take back the payment from the wrong account they applied it to.

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Re: CLI from citibank

I would be afraid that someone else (another Citi customer) had their payment applied to the incorrect account. If your son doesn't at least attempt to make a minimum payment, he is going to get the "full treatment" from Citi, once this gets all untangled.

Unrelated story to follow: My aunt had about $120,000 deposited into her checking account a few years ago. I told her to leave it alone, don't touch a dime of it. It took about a week or so to get the mess untangled. Wrong account number was input.
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Re: CLI from citibank

+1. Most likely scenario. I would have called immediately.
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Re: CLI from citibank

I work with Citi bank THD credit services.  Most likely a ch went to the store and made a payment and did not bring their card, a cashier accidently punched in your son's acc number instead of the actual correct card number for payment. When your son calls to report the payment is not his we will put into payment research and he will get a letter in 14days for his records on what happened and what was done to correct the error.
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