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CLI question for Chase CC

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CLI question for Chase CC

I used to have 3 Chase CC (Slate, Freedom, Freedom Exclusives) for $8,600, $8,000, $8,000. I closed the Chase Slate $8,600 - paid off. I wanted to keep the Freedom, Freedom Exlcuvies for rewards. The question is...I wanted to ask Chase to increase my CL for my 2 Chase cards from $8,000 to $12,000. I haven't had any hard pulled on my report for the last 6 months and have a total of 5 inquires in the last 2 yrs.


I do have one baddies: Medical for $1,600 6yrs ago and no late payments for 5.6 yrs.


I had 2 unecessary hard pulled from: AT&T Uverse & CLEAR.  I don't want any hard inquiries to effect my score at all right now to effect my Fico score.


If I request the CLI, will Chase do a hard pull (sorry if I am not using the correct terms) or a soft pull?

My current 2 Chase cards have ZERO balance as I have paid off the cards 2 days ago. My new Fico score haven't taken effect yet with my ZERO balance on my 2 Chase CC. Before the paid off, my UTIL was 35% on my CC. I am hoping with a ZERO balance on my 2 Chase CC, my Fico score could topple 700 (well, according to the simulation, if I get my UTIL down to 0-10%, my Fico score could be in the 722-800 range, don't know how accurate that simulation is.


Current cards in my wallet:


Discover with CL of $15,000 as I am an AU (balanced $3,500). Opened in 1985

Chase Freedom $8,000 (balanced zero). Opened 2008

Chase Freedom Exclusives $8,000 (balanced zero) Opened 2002


My current score is: TU: 695; EQ: 682; EXP: 681


Any advice on what I should do? Should i ask for an increase from $8,000 to $12,000 or $15,000?


Thanks in advance from a Newbie!!

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Re: CLI question for Chase CC

Any cli request for chase is always a hard pull no matter what
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Re: CLI question for Chase CC

I was trying to combined my Slate card with a CL of $8,600 into my 2 other Chase cards but Chase refused to do so. That's why I closed the Slate card. I am worried now, that Chase will not increase my CL from $8,000 to $12,000. They are being very difficult now from what I heard. If they declined my CLI, should I try the backdoor number?


Thanks again in advance !!

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