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CLIs Juniper & Chase

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CLIs Juniper & Chase

I have a Juniper card with a 2500 CL. Had for 4-5 mos.


I also have a Chase card - formerly WAMU 1000 CL. - same as above, I've had this for 4-5 mos.


I am curious as to when they generally review for a CL increase. I am definitley NOT asking Chase for review. The reason being, we BK 13'd on them back in 2005. Don't want to draw any unneccesary attention to that one Smiley Happy




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Re: CLIs Juniper & Chase

From what I've read, Chase is more likely to do a auto-CLI on the anniversary statement of your CC, however, I'm not sure if that's changed due to the credit crisis. My year on my Chase Freedom came up last February, and I didn't get a CLI, however, they are my highest CL at $25,000 (knock on wood), and I wasn't expecting one. I'm hoping to get out of this with my CL in tact.


I believe Junny is every 6 months if I recall correctly. However, times how they are, I wouldn't bet on it. 

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Re: CLIs Juniper & Chase

I have had a Chase for over two years and never got an auto CLI.


I have had a Junny for 22 months and have never had an auto CLI


I have had an Amex for 15 months and never had an auto CLI.


However, all 3 have given me a CLI when I asked  Smiley Very Happy


But I have not asked anyone for anything since the crisis hit - that would be asking for troouble@!

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Re: CLIs Juniper & Chase

Does Chase pull report when you ask them for a CLI?
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Re: CLIs Juniper & Chase

Any CLI request with Chase is always a Hard. Sometimes an APR review is as well. They love hard pulls. 
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