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COSTCO AMEX approved!!

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Re: COSTCO AMEX approved!!

Well, I wouldn't guess they would close or CLD for it, but stranger things have happened I suppose.


However, if you really pay on it for PIF prior to BT rate expiring, one would think that wouldn't be the case.  But one could be wrong.


Let us know what you decide.


I'm actually going to use PenFed's BT 2.99 for life of transfer to fund a home improvement project.  Cheap deposit accounts paying more than that.



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Re: COSTCO AMEX approved!!

GovtGal wrote:
It is a nice offer.  I really want to take it but I'm worried they will cancel me or CLD me.

My older daughter got in with AmEx by accepting a Blue Sky with a BT offer. She paid it off (on my advice) in four months, but hey, it worked, and they never blinked.

This was about 15 months ago, and of course, AmEx is about as predictable as a June bug.

Would you be able to pay off the balance sooner than the offer period? I think they like that.

The big problem with AmEx is that their approval department and review department appear to be on different planets, with no communication whatsoever between the two.
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Re: COSTCO AMEX approved!!

Has anyone with scores around 700 been approved for this card lately?  All the posts I've seen are from last August and September. 
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