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CSP 50k bonus?

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Re: CSP 50k bonus?

If anyone care lol they are honoring 2k spend and $95 AF with 40k+5k AU (((:

regards to your account ending in xxxx

I have reviewed and show that your inquiry has been
handled. A letter has been mailed regarding your request.
We will honor the $2,000 spend, however you will need to
contact us after 3/18/14 if you did meet the $2,000 spend
but not the $3,000 spend. I also show that the 5,000
points for adding an authorized user have been added to
your account. These points will be available in 1-2
billing cycles.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the

So does that mean I am clear? What do they mean by contact them
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Re: CSP 50k bonus?

Rackham94 wrote:

I did not apply in branch. There is however an active link for anyone looking to app a quick search in FlyerTalk for Chase Sapphire if anyone is interested have all active offers

Nice, thanks for the information! Smiley Happy

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Re: CSP 50k bonus?

They will honor the 5k for AU thing, but not the 50k for spend because of the $125 AF. It's a "different product" and so CARD Act blah blah blah. Smiley Happy

Thats great, if its a different product then you can apply for it seperately and get a 40k and a 50k bonus. Win-win Smiley Happy

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