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CSP CLI - advice

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Re: CSP CLI - advice

SanjeevR wrote:

I suggest taking the HP. As someone mentioned, you can possibly get CLI on both cards with one pull.


Be sure to call the backdoor number if you have any issues whatsoever. Just make sure you speak to someone who sounds pleasant and knowledgeable. (I speak with much experience. Even Chase has cranky and/or less-than-helpful credit analysts.)  


By the way, I've been able to increase both my CSP ($5k > $20k) and United cards ($10k > $20k) substantially with less than 4 months of opening each card.


I do suggest PIF whenever possible and utilization less than 10%. Chase loves both.

I always PIF with every CC, if I can't afford it, I won't buy it. CC APR is just too high to not PIF. Util is always at about 20% on each card, but I will make sure to pay them off before requesting a CLI and wait till they report.

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