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CSP Travel Benefits


CSP Travel Benefits

I'd like to share my experience with one of CSP travel benefits which is the auto rental collision damage waiver* 


I picked up a Mercedes GLE suv (free upgrade from booking via Costco) from Alamo yesterday thinking it's covered by CSP travel benefits so I declined all coverages offered to me at the counter. I called Chase today to get things clarified before my trip starts and I was told that the suv I picked up isn't on the list of covered vehicles. So you need to call them before you put those rental car charges on your CSP card to utilize the benefits... It's so fine I thought I'd share 


And who knows what kind of rental cars will be given to you right? smh :/

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Re: CSP Travel Benefits

Any of this applies?

car cost more than 75k, antique automobiles, certain vans, vehicles that have an open cargo bed, trucks, motorcycles (including mopeds and motorbikes), limousines, and recreational vehicles.
ᑭ⍶ndeᲠi८ ѠαԼԼεէ : ✈☕⸿ⵢᖇ ⍟❡olδ ⍟Ⲙilⅇⴑթ ✈☕թroթⅇl ⍟wſ -√ ⚕ᙪᙪ८
⛪☕ Λlti-ၺ ⍟८ſ ┊Ҩⵢ ☏८ſⴑ ⛽ෲթƧ/βiz ⛽iէ ☕▲B | ८✙ ┊Ԑժᑭ┊ↇᏨ⛪
⸨ꜷ ᐰmzn ᐰ√ ☏⸿i⸿┊⸿iⴑ ⚕ᙪᙪթ⸩ Ձ൦Ձ❶ ✢ᖇēẉαrժ✙, ſ-ſlⅇx

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Re: CSP Travel Benefits

They probably want you renting the Chevy Cruze or the like, not Luxury cars. But just like any coverage, a person should check before assuming. 

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