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CSP woohoo

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Re: CSP woohoo

bluesnowman wrote:

As far as I can see, (and especially at work) it doesn't matter to me what card the customer presents when they pay. We just care that the charge will go through. I had someone the other day who had a Freedom card and the charge would not go through. He ended up calling Chase and found out that they put a fraud alert on it because he had just used his card at a gas station. He got them to lift up the Freeze after answering their questions and the charge went through. What matters to most of us at work is how the customer is (is he mannered, demanding, a regular?, is he a good guy, or just a guy who is wealthy) Credit and cards don't define someone, but there behavior and personality does Smiley Happy. I have actually been fortunate enough to see a CSP at work (guy was very nice and a regular) and I have seen a centurion card at work as well (one very cool and expensive piece of plastic IMO, Man brought his family plus 5+ people, bill was 180+ and had no problem going through, he was a good tipper too.) Congrats on getting the CSP as well, it is a card I want someday too. 



BORING!..... when finally get to see a palladium or jpmorgan card then my interest will peek. no amex black will ever woo me because it has ridiculous fees. show me a metal chase sapphire with NO af and i will apply for one just to have a metal card. (note... ALL of my credit is entirely without any fees.) sorry, im just one of those guys. im not stingy, i just dont believe in being loose with money unless you know it counts to be loose. almost nothing is more important than being smart with money. i believe in being smart but generous with money.


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