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CU mini app spree with partial success

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Re: CU mini app spree with partial success

My pleasure.

FocusOnFICO wrote:

Wmarat---thank you for the input re: Addison.  I would not have thought to check with them.


My First Command and Simmons First cards have set the stage to up their rates, and although I don't carry balances, I needed to add a low rate card in case of emergency.


I applied with Addison yesterday and was approved today for their card---thanks again.


This finishes my successful 2009 spree and I plan to sit tight and credit garden for the next two years before home purchase.


I could not have done so well without the great advice here---thanks again.



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Re: CU mini app spree with partial success

Quick Update

RE:Affinity FCU.


They offered 1k Classic Card and I declined. I got a phone call from Senior Specialist in something about a week ago. She welcomed me to Affinity and started telling about different services. I was in stuck in traffic and did not mind to chat a bit. So, she is telling me about car buying services (sounds very convinient), insurance, mortgage and so forth, I ask some questions and suddenly she asks why would not I apply to their CC. I tell her the story, like I applied, offered 1k Classic card and decline this offer, and I plan to wait like a year and reapply, and I understand their decision and have no hard feelings, She says let me check it, and we bid farewell. 2 hours later I got phone call from Affinity's loan department. They asked ID questions and asked why I declined offer. I said that with TU FICO of 763 and highest CL of 50k, I feel that I deserve a little more trust, but again I am ready to wait 6-9-12 months and reapply. I was asked to fax over my paystub and promised to look into it.

I got message today, approved for 15k.

Did I say already that I love CU's (exept Alliant).

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Re: CU mini app spree with partial success

That's a pretty good story. Further congratulations!
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