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Cabela's Closed Credit Card

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Cabela's Closed Credit Card

Tried to pay for my $6 dinner tonight and was declined.... called on my way home and got transferred to credit, they did there QUARTERLY review yesterday (yes every 3 months they are looking at you) and closed the account.

she said history with them (I pay in full every month and use my entire cl always - $1k, reduced 2 since opening at 3k)

she said my score has dropped 80 points since opening the account (mortgage that was included in my bk keeps reporting, so I don't dispute that and have talked to them about it before)

she says they only really care about score but wouldn't tell me what score was needed to get or keep an account but I'm guessing 650 is magic number since I was just above that when I got approved.


going to pull my credit now, will update with any other changes that I don't know about! 

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Re: Cabela's Closed Credit Card

Sorry to hear that Creditaddict. I just got a Cabelas card and was planning on using it to death (PIF always of course) for the rewards to add up. I was approved with a 65? ish TU fico, and only got $500, so I think that is probably their magic number. Now though I am scared! I would really like for this card to grow with me. Hmmmmmmm!

Again sorry to hear it.

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Re: Cabela's Closed Credit Card

I just pulled, I'm a 643, she says I need to contact Equifax for why there score is lower than 630 yesterday and mine today is 643, she wouldn't tell me the exact number they got yesterday but also told me a 650 would no longer qualify to have my account re-opened, they have made there standards higher.


The report is clear of the bad mortgage I talked of before, there is a duplicate auto loan (1. Infiniti Financial, 2. Nissan Financial, I think they bank is pulling a fast one on the credit agency by reporting under 2 different entities and they are getting away with it so far because Equifax will not remove for duplicate account and that's hurting me.


I'm still upset my account was closed but I can live with it I guess because my score is actually come up 12 points since 2 months ago when it was 632 with the bad mortgage reporting. 

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Re: Cabela's Closed Credit Card

Sorry to hear what happend to you. I am glad I did not pursue this card. When I applied and have to talk to their security, I did not like the questions and told CSR please cancel my application. I am so glad, I asked them to cancel my application.
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Re: Cabela's Closed Credit Card

I loved the card too! I guess in the end I just loved them because they gave me the card but they are nice to talk to kind of like Nordstrom but I guess VERY skittish.

Anyone I can get to replace it with EQ 643? or should I just sit and wait my 6 months with Alliant? 

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Re: Cabela's Closed Credit Card

My suggestion, wait for few months and work on cleaning up your cr's and let your accounts age. If I remember right you must have got at least 10-15 accounts in the last few months. I am out of apping business at least for next few months until all my accounts turn one year old and let many of inquires drop off. Unless you badly need new credit give your self time. Too many accounts "Closed by Credit Grantor" does not look good on your CR.
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Re: Cabela's Closed Credit Card

Sorry to hear that CreditAddict. I got a Cabela's card about 6 month ago cause it seemed like they gave a good starting credit line. But with my luck I only got $500. I socked drawered it. I will wait to see if they close mines too.

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Re: Cabela's Closed Credit Card

My mom got notice today in mail, Cabela's closed there credit card also. Mind you they have had this card for probably 10 years and had a STARTING CL of $16,000. back in probably 2001 when we didn't know it doesn't hurt you to have available credit, my mom lowered it to $1000 and every year since then they have increased it and believe it was at just $2000 now and they also NEVER carry a balance on it and don't use it for anything but cabela's probably 4 times a year or so, maybe more in deer season.

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Re: Cabela's Closed Credit Card

six month ago I got a Cabela card with a 2K Limit. It was put on my credit report then three weeks went by never got the card so I called them and was told my account was closed because they couldn't verify things on my CR. So on the phone I stayed with this idiot woman who ask me some really stupid questions like who's my sister, how many siblings I have and crap like that. They ended up pulling another CR only for them to say no. They pulled EQ and score was 720 or so.


They removed the tradeline from my CR and I effectively dispute bother inq which were eventually deleted and never look back at Cabela.

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Re: Cabela's Closed Credit Card

I loved them and even excepted my account closure, but now that they closed my parents too, I think that rates them right up with American Express now! Crazy a** bank that can't decide what they want to do
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