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Cabelas Visa

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Cabelas Visa

I did a search on the topic and I haven't seen any recent posts.  I applied a few months ago and was approved with a 3k limit and have not experienced any problems with them thus far.  I read reviews on different sites and for the most part the majority of them weren't very postive.  Just looking for feedback from other cardholders.

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Re: Cabelas Visa

My dad has this card, but he never uses it. Mainly because my dad is the type who only uses credit when he has to, instead of using it and paying it off every month for the rewards.


It's a cool looking card. I used it once when he sent me to get my mom's Christmas present; since she handles the checkbook he has to charge gifts so she doesn't see it in the statement. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Cabelas Visa

I love my Cabelas card.  I find they are very easy to work with.  Online account management is OK to say the least, but customer service has always been polite and knowledgeable when I call.  I've had the card for about a year now which started with a $3500 limit.


If I remember correctly, they do not approve anyone with a BK on their record and I believe minimum FICO is 680 for approval.

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Re: Cabelas Visa

DH has a Cabelas's Visa and I'm an AU on it.


This is my favorite card to work with online.  You can pay before purchases post, which makes it ideal for bill paying.  I don't think there's a monthly limit of payments you can make - you can even make more than one payment on the same day.  (In contrast, our BofA limits our monthly payments to, I think, four per month.  Which could potentially be a problem if you were trying to PIF before statement cut.  And our Alliant CU will override (delete) a first payment if you submit a second payment within 24 hours IIRC).


We've used points to buy a couple Garmin's for gifts.  Never a problem with them.  Our CL is $10K, think we opened with $5K.  10.18% APR.



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Re: Cabelas Visa

A great card if you shop with Cabelas.  However my experience with them not so positive when I started using the card for everyday purchases.  Over the year that I had the card I PIF most of the time, I tried to carry a small balance to keep the account active.  But whenever I checked my credit reports, these guys were reviewing my credit every time I used the card.  Then without warning I was CLD'ed and month later they closed my account due to "a drop in my credit score" (EQ 680 to 660 Fico).  I had recently applied for and was approved for a new garage being built.  To be fair, this was at the height of the credit crunch gripping the nation back in 2009 so they may not be so quick to pull the trigger these days.  I don't want to beat up on Worlds Foremost Bank or Cabelas with post, but just warn you to be cautious with them and how you use their card. 

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Re: Cabelas Visa

That's great info to post - very helpful to folks looking at having the card.


IME, I use the card frequently through the month, DH is softed a few times a year.  We've never been in a Cabela's store, and have only made minimal purchases at Cabela's online.  (Maybe two purchases in the last two years - and come to think of it, I think we were spending points when we made those purchases).


That's a great heads up on the CLD and account closure (ouch!).  Perhaps they have a cutoff FICO score for the card, and 680 made it according to that criteria, but 660 was below their threshold?   DH has app'd for additional credit, a new mortgage, and a new car loan (or two) since opening Cabela's without them blinking.

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Re: Cabelas Visa

This card blew up on the boards about 4 years ago.... they were the go to for all of us rebuilders and what now... I was approved for 3k with a 642 EQ in a ch 13 at timne... so many applications started to make them worried that they were being frauded in some way so started reviewing apps after approval... many of us including me saw our cards arrive with half the inital CL approval $1500... I was totally fine with that because I considered them prime and I was still in BK... I used $1500 or more each month paying several times a month and had the card for about 6 or so months when the bank really took a turn and started reviewing all applications and if you had high util on other cards, BK or other deliquencies the account was closed immediately.

At that point they would not offer cards to BK or scores less than 680, I was sad to loose them but when I saw my parents who had the card since like 96 with a $16k $0 Balance card get cancelled how could I be mad about my lost card from them!!

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Re: Cabelas Visa

I had a card with them. They closed it without notice six months after for no reason. I used it for regular

everyday items. They suck. Stay away. I PIF every month and then sent me a letter saying my account

was closed due to "not shopping at Cabelas."

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