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Cambridge Savings Bank

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Cambridge Savings Bank

Hello all,


I'm a long time lurker but I just signed up for the forums because I've never seen any mention of Cambridge Savings Bank here and a forum search yielded no results either.  I just helped my brother sign up for a secured card from Cambridge Savings Bank to start him on his credit journey, and I noticed they had a pretty decent line up of cards.  They just re-branded themselves so I'm not sure if all these cards existed before of if they are part of the change, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them?


Some of the cards are similar to other well-used products like the Bank of America Cash Rewards card (which I use) but they might have different profile requirements.

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Re: Cambridge Savings Bank

Welcome to the forums! This bank outsources their car handings to Elan Services, a division of US Bank. 


Its actually really interesting how many CU's and banks outsource to Elan and they offer like 1600 cards with the same type of rewards categories, a visa bonus a amex travel a amex cash back etc.


I have a Comerica Bank Visa Bonus through Elan and Also a Parda Amex through Elan. 


They have Pulled TU fico 04 for me here in IL. I would think if you had a score upwards of 700 and clean profile you should be good. 


google cards serviced through Elan for more info on them and similar cards. 

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Re: Cambridge Savings Bank

Thanks for the info!  This stuck out to me because I like to keep an eye on the various products available from whatever banks I can find, but I still had never seen anything about Elan or Cambridge Savings Bank since I started reading this forum, almost a year and a half ago now.  People from various sites online seem to give mixed reviews.  Generally say that the Customer Service is pretty good though.

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Re: Cambridge Savings Bank

Welcome to the forums!! Thanks for providing some info. I hadn't heard of this bank.

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