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Can I qualify for a prime card?


Can I qualify for a prime card?

I was planning to apply for PSECU but that went out of the window with recent changes. I'm trying to add more positive tradelines to my file, but I'm not sure what to apply for next. Do you think I can qualify for a prime card like Citi Forward or DIscover More? If not, which card should I go for? I'd like to add something with high limit.


EQ true fico: 742.

EX faco: 734

TU true fico: 695



None on EQ or EX. One four-year-old stuck paid collection on TU.



1) Orchard HSBC $400 limit. Three years of perfect payment history.

2) Capital One $500 limit. 3 months perfect payment history.


Any advise would be appreciated. 

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Re: Can I qualify for a prime card?

Last month I was approved for an amex zync with a 1.5 year old collection. I have 2 ccs: citi dividend visa (2.7 yrs/3500 CL) and an express fashion cc (8 mos/250 CL) with perfect payment. So even though zync was a charge card, if you don't have lots of recent inquiries, I do think you have a very good shot at a Citi card. 

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Re: Can I qualify for a prime card?

You might want to look at Alliant CU. I don't have any personal experience w/them, but many people on the forums have spoken highly of them and they're relatively lenient. It's similar to PSECU in that you just join the organization on their website in order to qualify as a member (I can't recall the name, but the link is on Alliant's website.) Alliant pulls EQ.


I am seriously consdiering them once my CCs have aged enough. You might also look into a local CU, as CUs have better rates and will generally work with you when you're rebuilding.


HTH! Smiley Happy

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Re: Can I qualify for a prime card?

One of requirement Citi credit analyst told me during recon for citi forward is to have at least 2 TLs with at least 1 year of history.

I don't know if 3 years of history on only 1 TL would be considered  ok for them but you could try. They pull EX in my area, NY. 

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Re: Can I qualify for a prime card?

It you have an actual FICO score of 742 you should be able to qualify for almost any card (or at least get your foot in the door.)  The TU score will impact of course but only if the lender pulls it.

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