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Can't request a CLI if you're under 21.

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Re: Can't request a CLI if you're under 21.

My IT card came yesterday. After activating and talking to a representative in Arizona, I was thrilled by the card improved benefits. They knew who was calling and what account I was calling about without me telling them and talked to me like they knew me since ever lol.

Today, just for the heck of it, I chatted with a CSR to request a CLI and came to report some bad news for us young folks here:


Jason: We do require your account to be open for at least 6 months, and also we do require the Primary Cardmember to be at least 21 before we can submit a limit increase request on the account.
Jason: I'm sorry about that since your account does not currently meet at least one of those minimum requirements.
Jason: However, we do evaluate your account for a limit increase as part of our regular review process, and once you are 21 you can also request an increase outside of our regular review process.
Christian: Since when have this regulation been added?
Jason: It was recently within the past few months.
Christian: Could you provide me an exact date?
Jason: No, since I don't have the exact date, I can't.  I am sure it was sometime within the last 1-2 months though.
Christian: Since I recently did a product change to the IT card, if I were over 21 years old, would my account be eligible for an increase right now? or would I have to wait 6 months?
Jason: If you were over 21, then you would be eligible to request an increase, since your account has been open for over 6 months.


The good news is I'm gonna be 21 next year. Can't wait to close this card when they refuse to give me an increase then.

The card does feel and look very nice tough.

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Re: Can't request a CLI if you're under 21.

So just to be clear about this new regulation, those under 21 can request a CLI, as long as it's in writing?

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