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Can't seem to get a CC....

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Re: Can't seem to get a CC....

There is no documentation on this-
It is something that i stumbled upon and it was verified.
The only catch to this is that you won't get your INQ points back until the deduplicated INQ ages to 1 year.

gordonbs wrote:

Timothy wrote:
CU's are great 
FICO de-duplicates INQ's with the same lender in scoring.  It does not look bad if you have corrected the reasons for the intial denial.  

Can you please verify, point to where this is documented? I just read everything on myFico regarding INQs and they mention shopping periods and such, but it is always as INQs for Auto and Mortgage relate to your FICO score. They never once mention de-duping a CC INQ from the same lender.

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Re: Can't seem to get a CC....

gemgirl222 wrote:
You need to keep your balances down.  Is your balance at least 30% of your limit.  If not pay it down.

30% is OK, but not great.  1-9% is ideal.

gemgirl222 wrote:
Also, Your scores are based on info reported specifically on accounts you've had for the last 24 months.

No.  Your scores are based on everything on your reports, even items that are more than 24 months old.  It is true that baddies less than two years old generally do more damage than baddies more than two years old, but that does not mean that the score entirely ignores items that are more than 24 months old.

gemgirl222 wrote:
Also, authorized users are no longer getting points for those accounts.  A recent fico change. (I read)

This change has not gone into effect yet for th emost part, and it will be a while before it is widely implemented by lenders.  Do a search for the term "FICO 08" for lots of good information on this topic.
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Re: Can't seem to get a CC....

Wow... 1-9%? That will take a bit of work...but it's possible of course.
I do hope they implement that change soon...regarding authorized users, I think that would help alot.
Thanks to those who responded, the info has been helpful.
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