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Can we recon for USAA Card?

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Re: Can we recon for USAA Card?

I have to agree with everyone else there is a point where the inquiries don't evan affect your scoring but you look very high risk to your current lenders an new lenders with a ton of inquiries. An from my experience i've been denied flat out for to many resent inquiries an new accounts.


I think that is one major reason now that GE is softing me on all 3 of my accounts with them twice a month.


I went application crazy this past year racking up about a good 40 inquiries but now i can say i'm satisfied with what i have an i can indeed hold off for 2 years on applying for anything. It's these bad times i don't want to continue to apply for accounts that i really don't need an in the process mess up my credit an scare my current creditors half to deaf which this will result in a CLD or a closed account.

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