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Can you have more than one Discover card?

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Can you have more than one Discover card?

Title says it all. Can you have more than one Discover card? A More and an IT, or a Motiva and a More, or whatever. Or does Discover limit you to just one of their main cards?

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Re: Can you have more than one Discover card?

I was denied when I applied for open roads. I've had the more card for 13 yrs. I would have thought they would have approved me but they did not.

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Re: Can you have more than one Discover card?

There's an internal limit with Discover. You can only have 2 Discover cards issued by Discover.

Examples are Discover More and IT cards (issued directly by them). Store cards like Walmart would not count here as they are issued by someone else (GE in this case).


However, I do believe you can have the same Discover card twice.

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