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Cap 1 Balance Transfer Pre-approval offer

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Cap 1 Balance Transfer Pre-approval offer

I couldn't resist I tried the pre-approval offer button at cap and I got an offer for no fee balance transfer at 8.9% with 0% on purchases until 12/08 and 8.9% thereafter.
Anyway so I app'd and was approved (only $300 Smiley Sad It says final CL based on further review of app, might go higher?) Not bad considering I still have a charge off from them reporting. After 4 months I'll get a cli probably to $500.
I know the horror stories about cap 1, but DW has had them for a while and they've been giving her some decent increases for someone with only 5 months history.
Anyway it made sense with me to transfer the balance from applied bank at 19% to cap 1 8.9%. I'll scrap applied after it goes through. Those monthly $10 fees, etc. are too much.
Now I'll have to see what hit I take score wise. I'll keep you updated and let you know who they pulled from.
--oops can you please move to credit cards, posted here by mistake

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Re: Cap 1 Balance Transfer Pre-approval offer

It looks like they only pulled from TU
--nope now it looks like they pulled all three

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