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Cap One Platinum PC to QS!

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Cap One Platinum PC to QS!

My Cap One secured card graduated a couple of months ago to a Cap One Platinum. Once it graduated I asked online chat if I could PC to a Quicksilver, to which I received a generic "not available at this time, thank you for being a valued customer" response. Since then I've been waiting for the "upgrade" option to become available under the 'offers' tab online. It still hasn't. I contacted customer service again through online chat and received the good news that they would PC my platinum card to a Quicksilver!

The SL is still a measly $500, so I did try to request a CLI as well but received a 2 - 3 day message. I tried reconning with the same chat agent who kept saying "please give me a moment" in 2 minute intervals. After 15 minutes, the chat agent came back and asked if I wanted to request a CLI on the website or through phone. By that time I just called a human csr who said there was no way to expedite a CLI over the phone.

Getting a QS is a small victory nonetheless!

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Re: Cap One Platinum PC to QS!

Congrats!! How exciting!

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Re: Cap One Platinum PC to QS!

Great news on the PC to QS. You can always submit the CLI request online, though without going through chat. However, the CSR or supervisors won't be able to override the decision in the event the CLI is declined.
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Re: Cap One Platinum PC to QS!

There is an upgrade link in the MF forums which will help check for upgrade options. Congrats on the upgrade! I believe it should open you up to better CLI. Swipe and pay it down so you have less than 30% utilization for each statement. It should encourage Cap One to give you a CLI.

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