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Cap One Reporting to the CRAs

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Cap One Reporting to the CRAs

Hello, everyone.


I opened a Cap One secured account in late November.  The account is paid in full and my bill is due on 19 Jan.  I was wondering when this account will make its initial posting on the CRAs.  Other banks post the day after their statement end-of-cycle, but when I called the Cap One CSR, she told me they did not know when my account would post...she said, to check in 30 days???Smiley Frustrated  Does Cap One not report monthly to the CRAs?

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Re: Cap One Reporting to the CRAs

IME, Cap1 started reporting right after the 2nd statement cut.
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Re: Cap One Reporting to the CRAs

My Cap1 account reported the day after approval already (absolute speed record) and it reports every months a couple of days after closing date. (Quicksilver Visa Signature)

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Re: Cap One Reporting to the CRAs

My $500 cap one unsecured has started reporting after the first cycle closed and reports the day after each statement is cut.   They have only  reported to EX and TU, in spite of my many calls asking them to report to EQ

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