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Cap One and a 1 day late payment

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Re: Cap One and a ! day late payment

I forgot that autopay doesn't go into effect right away, it takes 2 billing cycles to start taking it out. I got an email about a missed payment and called them. I made the payment with the rep and asked if they could take off the charges and they did.  We've had a card with them for over 3 yrs and have never been late except that one time.

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Re: Cap One and a ! day late payment

I did that back in September. Not even one day late but just a couple hours. But yeah, they may remove the late fee but I had to wait a couple months (January) to combine accounts and PC to a QS. Definitely autopay on EVERY account since then. I love it. Peace of mind. Just set it up for the minimum so your covered in case you forget.
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Re: Cap One and a ! day late payment

@Anonymous wrote:

Why did you not pay ontime, just curious? Forgot? Paycheck dates?

Wondering the same OP is coming off a BK so any missed payments is going to catch them up

in more credit troubles auto-pay really is best however if you overdraw an account that won't be any

help to you OP. Smiley Wink also maybe SD the credit cards for awhile just helping.

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Re: Cap One and a ! day late payment

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
I know a lot of people want to recommend auto pay but some of us live paycheck to paycheck.

Just remember you are coming off a bk so any lates don't look good. If you are going to use your credit cards just remember to set aside the money you'll need to at least make your minimum payment and don't touch it. Good luck with your journeySmiley Happy

AJC I know what you mean because there was a time in my life when I to lived paycheck to paycheck.  But in this situation, living P2P doesn't really matter as the minimum has to be paid if one wishes to remain in current status.  So in any instance, for the sake of not ruining your credit and avoiding late fees as well as creating internal risk that a late payment can create, Auto Pay for the minimum amount due is a great idea regardless of how one gets paid.  


If you have a lender who will take the auto payment even if a satisfying payment is made prior to due date then one must remember to go to the next screen and cancel auto pay for that particular billing period.  Is it an extra step, sure, but it's a heck of a lot better than messing with ones own internal risk score with a lender as well as avoiding a $29+ late charge.  Just my 2¢...



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