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Cap One showing no love.

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Cap One showing no love.

I have a capital one account that was past due. On my March 10th-April 9th statement due April 3rd I had a past due balance that I paid in full by the due date. In my mind that would mean that I am current.  Cap One reported for March that I was $0 past due and Current but 120days late showed in my box on TU.  My experian reported $0 past due and current but 90 days past due for march.  This doesn't make any since. I call cap one backdoor and every other door several times a day and no one wants to help me.  The one person said to dispute with CB and I did and it came back the same but updated with april with an OK. Is there anything I can do besides call them continuously till I get someone having a good day. 

Also today I sent a GW to the CEO/President.  I had also already used PFB and got no where besides saying to send them my credit report.

Starting Score: eq 383tu 417
Current Score: eq 577tu 609
Goal Score: 700

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