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Cap one secured

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Cap one secured

Last year I started rebuilding my credit all I could get approved for was this cap one secured card
I put a 800 deposit and got a sli of 1,000.00
A few months later I got approved for a qs1 with a 300 limit. That got its steps increase in july to 500.

In that time I paid off all collections.
And increased my scores significantly.
Fast forward a year and I now have
discover-4,000 limit
bbva clearpoints- 2,000 limit
BBVA rewards- 8,900 limit
Target-300 limit

Despite this my cap one cards are not budging with increases despite high spend and always paying in full and reporting low util.

With my 12 statement coming up what are my chances of getting my secured card unsecured.
And getting a cli on my qs1.

I dont want to cancel my secured card because it is now my oldest current card.
But I have $800 bucks tied up in the thing.

And my qs1 has a AF..

I'm grateful to cap one for helping me out when I needed it but now I'm anchored down by these cards. Is it possible to jump the gap in credit profiles with cap one. Or am I just bucketed for good with cap one.
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Re: Cap one secured

Unfortunately, I'm afraid those are likely dead-end cards. Looks like they've served their purpose but it may be time to cut bait. Especially that secured card, which unless Capital One changes their policy will never unsecure.

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Re: Cap one secured

@Sz1  Capital One briefly experimented with the graduation of their secured cards but have since stopped. 

There has been no clear answer from them if they will resume such practice again in the future or not. 

It's been at least a year since they stopped , possibly longer. 

I personally would not count on it, being that even in the past when they allowed it, it only involved cards opened during a certain period of time, so who knows if yours would fall in that range even if they resumed. 



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