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Cap one venture annual fee waived?

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Cap one venture annual fee waived?

Has anyone had the venture annual fee waived? I think I’ll be coming up on my 1at annual fee within the next few months. I am just curious to know if they’ll waive it for me.

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Re: Cap one venture annual fee waived?

It's not outside of the realm of possibilities, you would need to make them believe that you have other plans and that it would be in their best interest to keep you as a venture customer.
If they don't go for it then, you will need to pay the AF or PC the card to a non-AF one.

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Re: Cap one venture annual fee waived?

Yes, Capital One is known to do AF waivers, sometimes half, and sometimes the entire fee.


They will only issue a waiver after the fee posts, and historically they have been more open to waivers when you're using the card heavily (YMMV).

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Re: Cap one venture annual fee waived?

+1 What @UncleB said.
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