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Cap1 Credit Steps CLI

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Re: Cap1 Credit Steps CLI

I have two Cap1 cards. My first one started at $300 and got bumped to $500 at the 6-month mark. It's now been 11 months and it's still at $500. I am not expecting another CLI when it reaches the 1-year mark.


My second Cap1 card started at $500 and is enrolled in the credit steps program. I'm assuming that at the 6-month mark it will increase to $750. I'm not expecting anything further beyond that.



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Equifax: 695 FICO (1/10/14) MyFico

My cards: Chase United Mileage Plus 7000CL (3/12), CITI Simplicity 1800CL (9/12), Cap1 Platinum 1000CL (2/10), Cap1 Cash back 1500CL (11/11), Apple Barclay's 2500CL (11/11), Discover IT 6000CL (5/13)

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Re: Cap1 Credit Steps CLI

I'd keep the card even if it doesn't increase after a year so you continue to build more history with them and maybe one day apply for one of their prime cards e.g. Venture or Platinum

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Re: Cap1 Credit Steps CLI

If they don't increase it any further it's going to have to go.  This card carries an annual fee that I don't need to pay now.  I have better cards with better limits.  If they waive the fee or let me PC (unlikely) then maybe I'll keep them.  I won't apply for another one of their cards.  There is no reason a credit card company needs to do 3 hard pulls on someone's credit report. 

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Re: Cap1 Credit Steps CLI

tjmmp56 wrote:

My 6th Statement cut on Jan-15.  And with it came my bump from $500 to $750.  I'll keep using the card as I have been, for gas purchases.  Let's see if there are more increases to come by continung to follow the steps.  Seems to be a coin toss on this card. 

I'm in the same boat as you, i'll keep this thread bumped for any CLI's. Same dates and all!!

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