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Cap1 EO suggestions

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Cap1 EO suggestions

I don't believe anyone here needs this but I thought it might be a good idea to put up a few suggestions on how to deal with the EO when trying for a CLI. Do not use this as your first resort when trying to get a CLI, they'll look up your history so it will be obvious if you've tried for one through traditional means. You are sending this to the CEO of the company, so even if he isn't going to read it you should write it like he is. You want to be respectful and clear about what you want. If you're scores are still in the building aone then you may not want to ask for the moon, they will counter if they decide they are going to help you out but why push your luck. In your e-mail you might want to include best times to contact you. In my case since I'm overseas and there is a 10 hour time difference he let me know when was a good time to contact him, that could be what you get as a response as well. Don't rush them, they are busy people and it might take a few days. I would suggest having all your information, including a copy of the email you sent, available when you talk to them. They'll also ask the normal questions. Salary, rent or mortage, etc. If you are grammar or spelling challenged have a friend proof read for you. You do want to give the impression that you take writing them seriously, and it shows you respect them enough to do it right.  If you can't get someone to PM you the email address just google "capital one ceo email" and that will give it to you.


I hope this helps a little and good luck.

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