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Cap1 Executive Office Experience **UPDATED**

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Re: Cap1 Executive Office Experience

jake619 wrote:

So after online and customer service CLI rejections I called the EO and spoke to a very nice woman.  I explained to her since my Cap1 approval my credit profile had become more desireable and I was now being approved for cards with rewards, no AF and higher CL's.  I asked her if Cap1 was interested in growing with me and if so, how?  She reviewed a little and confirmed my initial CL was 500 and was bumped to 750 some months later.  So far so good.  Keep in mind I have the low-end Cap1 Platimum $19 AF card.


She asked some financial info; income, housing, investments, employment - the standard stuff and then told me that although she was unable to PC the card she would waive the AF (due in March!!!) and add rewards to it and submit my account for manual review for a CLI.  "How much do you want", she asked, "and would you accept a partial CLI if we can't grant you what you requested".  Umm, yea, and let's go for 5K.  I must have asked twenty times if the review would be a SP or HP - each time she said SOFT.  The call was recorded so not too worried about that part.  She asked if I wanted one mile per dollar spent or 1% cash back as the reward and that I could have only one.  I took the 1%.


So even if the CLI is minimal or even rejected, at least the AF is waived and there are some rewards.  I wasn't getting anything before which is why this card was SD'd but now NetFlix will get me a whopping .08₵ back.  Yea!!!  Drinks on ME!!!  Kinda funny to look at it that way.


Also, when she asked how I got the number I told her a relative had a bad experience with customer service and the EO was very accommodating (lies and more lies), and that I hoped for the same experience myself (that part is true).


Fingers crossed on CLI.

Fingers crossed for you!!!


I'm very surprised they haven't found out about here yet as far the EO #.

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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Re: Cap1 Executive Office Experience

Post #1 updated with results

GangnamFICO wrote:

Because the chicks dig it when I throw down the card to the waiter comes in handy if I'm short on cash until payday and need a short spot. AMEX gets the booty, and that's important when you're a Pirate.

Minor vulgarity edit --Rev

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