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Cap1 Modify Your Features!


Cap1 Modify Your Features!

A while back someone mentioned that on under your credit card account, there was an option to "Modify Your Features".  I had tried it a few times months ago and just got a message that nothing was available under my account.


Yesterday I tried again, and this time I got an option to switch my card to a rewards account.  The options were:  1X miles, 1X points, or 1% cash back (over $3k, .5% under $3K).


I chose the 1X points because I wouldn't use the miles and the .5% didn't seem like much with my spending.


Afterwards I went back and did the same thing with my other capital one card and it worked!!  Very excited that my regular Platinum Card will now help me earn rewards..Better than nothing!


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Starting Score: EQ: 590 TU: 599
Current Score: EQ: 642 TU: 683
Goal Score: 720 by 12/31/10

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