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Cap1 - Rando CLI from $500 to $2500?!?!?

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Cap1 - Rando CLI from $500 to $2500?!?!?

I've had my Capital One card since July 2004, with a $500 CL.  Had a bad first couple of years (occasional lates and over the credit limits), but have been an angel for the last 3 years or so.  I use the card regularly, spend $100-$300, then PIF every month.  Have requested CLIs on more than one occasion, and was rejected each time.  Today, I log in to check on some things and BAM - a $2500 credit limit!  I'm still staring at the this real?!  I haven't gotten a letter or anything from them yet, but this must have just happened (I logged in to PIF just a couple of days ago and it was still $500). 


I'm seriously shocked.  After 3 years of carrying 0 balances on 3 cards with no CLIs (all limits are $500 or less), I thought I would have to get a high secured card to get my limits bumped up.  PATIENCE and perseverence pay off!! 


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!  I'm thankful for my 1 month old Zync and my new $2500 Cap1 limit. Smiley Happy

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Re: Cap1 - Rando CLI from $500 to $2500?!?!?

Congrats on the CLI! Smiley Very Happy You have just experienced one of my goals for my Cap One card. I aspire to log into my account my one day and see an auto CLI, luckily I sort of experience it through other people's triumphs like yourself. Felicidades

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Re: Cap1 - Rando CLI from $500 to $2500?!?!?

Congrats Kelly!!

That's a great increase!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Cap1 - Rando CLI from $500 to $2500?!?!?

I am wanting to see if I can upgrade to No Hassle Cash Rewards, hopefully get a CLI and lower interest....

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