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Cap1 Secured cash advance


Re: Cap1 Secured cash advance

I make enough (Thank you God) not to NEED the advance.  But I'm fine.  The last time I took my credit card to the ATM I was at some silly club that didn't take CC.  I pulled $40 and after paying additional $10 advance fee, $3ATM fee, I was cured.  INSTANTLY!


I just want everything reporting as flawlessly as possible.  I have one card at $0 and the other four will be there by the end of next month.

Starting scores: EQ 420, EX 421, TU 405 (Jan 2011)
Bk Ch 7 Discharged Mar 2011
Current scores: EQ 456, EX 534, TU 411 (Aug 2012) FICO (8/2012 -- EQ 564, EX 584 (from BofA) TU 551)
Goal scores: EQ 700+, EX 700+, TU 700+

Credit accounts: 30% APR auto loan (Jan 2012), Secured [CapOne (3K), PNC (1300), NFCU (1K), Coke (2500)] and Target (200)
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