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Cap1 Unsecured Transition "Feature Unavailable"?

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Cap1 Unsecured Transition "Feature Unavailable"?

So I've had a secured Platinum from Cap1 for about 13 months now. I started with a $200 deposit, then after 6 months they bumped me to $500.

I always pay it on time, I've always made more than the minimum, and I currently always keep the balance near $0 by making multiple payments. Honestly, I'd like to have something with some rewards on it, and it would help to have a higher limit to match my spending habits.

I've asked for CLI's in the past and it's always the same, "CLI's are not available by request for secured accounts". I've asked for a product upgrade twice and they said they have nothing for me. I spoke to a Senior Account Supervisor a month ago and got the same answer.

I've also had a Business Spark for about 8 months and it's stayed at $500. I've applied for a Quicksilver within the past 2 months and was denied.

Yesterday I decided I'd try my luck again with another Senior Account Supervisor. I explained my situation and got the same response. Unfortunately CLI's are not available upon request for secured cards and there are no product upgrades available for me at the moment.

I told her that I have a card with Discover ($200 limit) that offers me rewards and I'd prefer to keep my Cap1 card open, but would be open to closing it, getting my deposit back, and moving it there since they are offering me better options and Cap1 is giving me nothing to work with. She told me if I would like, she would check to see if she could transition my card to unsecured.

After about 10 minutes on hold, she notified me that when she was trying to make it happen, the unsecured transition "feature" was not available at the moment. I asked when she felt it would be working again and she said that she asked them and they didn't have an answer and that it hasn't been working since the beginning of the year. She told me she'd love to tell me to wait a couple months and call back to see if it is working, but she also said I could close my card if I wanted.

Has anyone ever heard of this "feature"? I found it odd that starting this year it hasn't been working. Anyone have any advice for my specific scenario? I feel like my Discover It at this point is just a better option so I'm thinking of closing my Cap1 Platinum and moving the deposit there when I get it back.
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Re: Cap1 Unsecured Transition "Feature Unavailable"?

Yup, they froze all secureds from being able to unsecure sometime earlier this year. This is a bank where machines make ALL the decisions. I would just terminate the card and move on to something that will give you the return you seek. Welcome to the board Smiley Happy

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