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Cap1 - upgraded to Venture!!!

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Re: Cap1 - upgraded to Venture!!!

MovingForward_2012 wrote:
That is definitely a Christmas miracle for sure! Wow, $1400 CL for almost 15 years so that means 13-14 years from now, I may get a $5000 increase too! Capital One is stingier than I thought...LOL! Congratulations! You have accomplished the impossible! Smiley Happy


Well, in all fairness to Cap1, I went through a number of financial bumps in the road during the time that I had the account (aftermath from hurricanes two years in a row, for instance), and there were several occassions where I fell behind on payments only to catch up before the account got closed. I'm just glad that the account was never closed, let alone worry about a CLI. I wasn't so lucky with some of my other cards -- they did get closed due to their spotty payment histories. I finally got my financial life in good order 2-1/2 years ago and became very structured in handling my bill payments, on all of my accounts, both old and new. As my credit habits improved, Cap1 appears to have taken notice and rewarded me. I realize that this is not the norm, but I think that there's something to be said for maintaining a relationship through both the good times and bad, and somehow Cap1 and I have managed to find a way to stay in a mutually satisfactory business relationship together. Everyone's experience is different -- definitely a YMMV sort of thing -- but I'm both pleased and grateful for the way that Cap1 has treated me given the specifics of our history together.

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Re: Cap1 - upgraded to Venture!!!


In that case, why dont you toss a few cards my way.

Congrats on the spree.
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