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CapOne PC


CapOne PC

What is the best method to try to get a PC out of Cap One, and does anyone know what my chances are of them actually going for it since the web portal always says no offers available.


I have had a Platinum VIsa with the $39AF since ~2004, when I was still in college for the first time.  2k CL.  Its one of my older accounts so I would like to keep it open, but the card is crap, and I hate AF cards.  Was thinking of trying to get a PC (and maybe a CLI) to Quicksilver for some rewards, or even just to platinum prestige to get rid of the AF.  I haven't even used this card since ~July '12 because it has the highest APR (~22%) and no rewards to speak of.


To give an Idea of the rest of my portfolio:


760 EX (Discover 7/17/13)

749 FAKO (CreditKarma)


Amex BCE (8.5k Initial 7/17/13)

Chase Freedom (4k Initial 7/17/13)

Barclay uPromise (5k initial 7/17/13)

Discover IT (5.5k Initial 7/17/13)

(Yeah Just did an app bomb when my credit recovered from an unemployed period, no missed payments but util went to ~75% back to 1-4% now)

Amazon Store (1.2k Initial 10/12ish)

Sams Club Store (1.2k)

Chase Amazon (2k)

Capital One Crap (2k)

Local Credit Union Visa ($500 should likely try to CLI this one eventually, got it when I was 17)


Also have a car loan (25k initial ~8k left) and Student Loans (~18k, in deferment) and some small closed (paid) personal loans going back 10 years


Income is in the mid 50ks




On a Side note for anyone still reading, AMEX 3X CLI, with a 8.5k initial would A) be a pretty high amount and B) put me over the 25k Review limit.  Should I just ask for 20k and see what they come back with, even that is pretty high, but might be nice to have.

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Re: CapOne PC

Capital One usually does not do product changes, and if they do, you have to have an upgrade available on your account. Most people contact the EO, and seem to ask for a CLI, the AF removed, and if they can add rewards onto the card. That seems to be the only option to get them to do anything with your account.

Amex BCE $10,000 | BofA Power Rewards WMC $10,000 | Discover It $10,000 | ICBC Preferred Gold UnionPay $8,000 | Local CU Visa $3,500
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Re: CapOne PC

On the Amex CLI, I'm going to be in the same boat soon, (I hope), and plan on asking for $24,500. I think I read somewhere that asking over $25K is what triggers the review.

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