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Capital 1 and reporting to all 3 CRA'S!

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Capital 1 and reporting to all 3 CRA'S!

So I was noticing yesterday that Cap 1 is reporting to all 3 CRA'S for my husband, but they only report to EX for me and it is the same account.


So I just called Cap 1 to request that they report to all 3 for me and why they haven't been when they do for my husband.  I could not really understand the girl who was helping me, but she said I would have to wait to next month reporting to see if they do.  I know they don't that is the problem.  Should I call back and speak to someone else?

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Re: Capital 1 and reporting to all 3 CRA'S!

i have the same problem...they reported my balance every month but when i finally paid down my balance to reflect a 6% util....they only reported to two CRAs resulting in a 10 point drop in one of my scores...let me know if you resolve this!
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