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Capital One AF and Chat Online..... Outcome! :)

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Capital One AF and Chat Online..... Outcome! :)

So I will skip all the usual CLI stuff lately since already covered but I had forgot that my Capital One Card (I also have Best Buy Gold MasterCard NO AF) anyway, forgot that my Capital One card had a $39 AF and it just hit yesterday on my cute $500 limit card.  I did that chat online thing instantly really thinking probaby won't get anything but I had just a couple minutes to give it a try.  Chatted for a very short time before I was asked for verification of account and then I asked to have the AF waived as my other card doesn't have it and I was a good customer despite the limit, etc.  After a few minutes I got a (pre-approved click for response as I like to think of them) that said "We use to be able to waive such fees at Capital One but that was the past and in the present we can not do adjustments like that because the economy is very tough" (wording is basically how it was said but didn't copy it so few things off maybe, get the idea)

I quickly typed back "You... (capital One) should be ashamed of themselves that they even have this pre-approved response at all... it's  blaten lie and 200% insulting, and my time is up and clearly this was not the way to handle such thing, I will just contact the President, Thank you" and ended chat.


Later when I got home I wrote the president and said while I understood my denial for CLI and APR reduction, I do NOT see why I would keep a card with Capital One with this sort of AF and really I could have possibly accepted paying the AF if I had not gotten back the most rediculous, arrogant, insulting, lie back by auto text.  Fast forward in under 12 hours lady just called, and said I am SO SORRY that you got that script text back and while some of those are required to make sure the representative doesn't give out wrong personal information or incorrect policies this one should not have ever been used as if the economy was the reason we should be taking away the fee not putting the fee on! (Yes from me so far!) She said secondly I did look at the account and really their is no reason that you need to be charged this fee especially with the lower limit and I have credited the $39 already and additionally I have changed the terms of the account to remove that AF for life on this account unless you get a change of terms letter (defaulting type of thing).  She apologized one more time and we wished each other a great day!


Happy again Smiley Happy

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Re: Capital One AF and Chat Online..... Outcome! :)

Wow, nice going getting the AF removed for life. Congrats!

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Re: Capital One AF and Chat Online..... Outcome! :)

Sweet nice going man thats awesome!

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