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Capital One Account Combination

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Capital One Account Combination

Hello all, I'm a long time stalker of this forum just had to join to share this experience. I had 3 Capital One cards, Quicksilver Visa Sig (month old) Quicksilver Master card (3.5 years old upgraded platinum) and a Quicksilver One (8 months old) I had been trying to combine the two master cards and it would not let me, no eligible cards it said even though both MC had $0 balance and QS Visa has about & $450 on it. Frustrated I was so, I closed the QS1 a few minutes ago, went back to the account combination and Bam! My two remaining QS cards show up. What the heck?! I'm angry that I had to flush that credit down the drain but Happy overall to get rid of two useless cards...I'm so confused, it said I had no eligible cards consistently and as soon as I close one the other becomes eligible? ..... Just had to share this as people are banging their heads against the wall trying to combine, I know I was.
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Re: Capital One Account Combination

Thanks for the info!

I have two Cap 1 cards. Both upgraded in Sept 18’. Almost 7 year old Platinum to QS1 and an almost 2 year old platinum unsecured to QS. I wanted to combine my QS1 into my QS BUT I would have to pay my QS1 down to a $0 balance before I am eligible. My other concern was that I only had a Cap 1 card for over 5 years & so its the reason why my overall AAOA is over 6 years. Wondering it will mess that up if I combined the older card into the “newer” card.
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Re: Capital One Account Combination

From what I read the closed card stays on the report for 10 years so you should be ok on that front if what I've read is true, I closed my 3.5 year old card with my fingers crossed.
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