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Capital One CL Increases

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Capital One CL Increases

Does anyone know if Cap1 is now entertaining CLI's?? I checked about 2 months ago and someone at the back door number told me that they were not and to check back in about 2 weeks. I have not checked back and wondered if anyone had some insight. Also, would anyone who has dealt with Cap1 before could tell me if it would be better, better chance that is for a higher limit,  to apply for another Cap1 card vs requesting a CLI on my existing card? I have had my Cap1 card for 5+ years and the last late payment on the account was about 2.5 yeas ago. I have never had a CLI and my limit is only $500. Any help would be great.

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Re: Capital One CL Increases

I would probably look into a different bank than getting a second card with Cap1 and as far as I know they are still not doing customer initiated CLI

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