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Capital One CLI from EO

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Capital One CLI from EO

After reviewing this site.  I decided to email the EO and within 3 hours, a guy by the name of Kyle called me back.  Took some information from me and this morning I checked, I had a CLI on all three of my Capital One Cards.  I got a 400 increase on each card.

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Re: Capital One CLI from EO

Blake - that's awesome. They did the same for me - gave me a $500 increase on both of my cards (one used to be Orchard Bank). 


I sent a thank you email to the CEO afterwards, thanking him for giving me the opportunity and for the excellent customer service that their agent provided and the same agent called me back the next day and lowered my APR for the next 7 months just in case I decided to carry a balance... Very nice indeed. 

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Re: Capital One CLI from EO

Is there any way you could share the email address for the EO? I've been trying to get my limit raised with them, but they've been very stubborn about it! I received a tiny CLI back 3 months ago which is why they say they can't do anything until 6 months after that.

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Re: Capital One CLI from EO


Cap 1 allows CLI every 6 mos. However, if you wish to proceed with your request, Google CEO Cap 1 email address

Good luck!
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