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Capital One CLI or APR request?

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Re: Capital One CLI or APR request?

I would presume it owuld be Discover more if another Disocver card is better suited ask the CSR if you can apply for that card instead.
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Re: Capital One CLI or APR request?

ssghandless wrote:

Do you have the phone number or email via PM for the Executive Office so I could try it? I got the same response as the last user...

PM'd to you. 

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Re: Capital One CLI or APR request?

Well, here's an update ...


I called HouseHold Bank (I think they are now HSBC, which was just bought by Captial One).

They did a quick review, I suppose it includes a soft pull, and came back with.... drum roll.... a $200 CLI and removed the annual fee! Wowee.


Called Capital One (thanks to jsucool76 for exec ph#)... can't do a product change, but they waived fee and put in request for a large CLI plus adding a rewards program.  They will get back to me in a couple of days with results.


I am curious to hear what they come back with, but I think that I will reply to that Discover offer and then close both these accounts.

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Re: Capital One CLI or APR request?

The executive office seems very helpful. When I had my issue with them the woman literally pulled up my account and told me everything I needed to know in maybe 2 minutes. When I speak with a regular CSR there is like a 5-10 minute wait between me giving them my information and them actually being able to even begin to address my problem. Only time that was different was when I called the transaction department when my card got declined. No automated machine, just an immediate answer. 


Best of luck, I'm sure they'll come through for you. Keep us updated!! 

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