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Capital One Changing CLI policy

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Capital One Changing CLI policy

I noticed that Capital One gave me an CLI on one of the card with them with out me asking. So I called them and asked for a CLI on my other card i have with them that is stuck @ $750.  I was told I did not qualify for an increse at this time and I would recieve a letter in the mail telling me why... well this is what the letter said :


Thank you for contacting Capital One® regarding your account. Unfortunately, we cannot approve a credit line increase for the following reason(s):



This Capital One account is not currently eligible for a credit line increase upon request. We're reviewing our policy for increasing credit limits. While we do this, we won't be able to offer you more credit. "


I have never seen this before so I thought I would share with you guys.  

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Re: Capital One Changing CLI policy

They been saying that same old line for the last what seem like decades now.

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Re: Capital One Changing CLI policy

I've received that same response for 12 years LOL. Finally emailed the EO last week and they are working on it.

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