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Capital One Credit Steps

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps

I personally would of waited til credit steps kicked in before combining. If you combined your old card with new card.Wouldn't that put you over your total limit set by credit steps?
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Re: Capital One Credit Steps

nancyb10 wrote:

ok sorry for confusing this, ok I have had a capital one card for seven months it had a 590.00 balance the limit on this card was 600

ok so then I got approved for a new capital one card in February it had a 500 limit so I called the back door number to see if I could combine the two and they said sure so I did now my limit on my NEW card is $1100.00....

Sorry, my bad. I missed that you had managed to combine them. (My early morning posts should probably be considered a bit suspect, as the coffee hasn't always kicked in yet. Smiley Tongue )
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