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Capital One Declined

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Re: Capital One Declined

not just capital one, most if not all CC issuers. they don't  like to see their cardholders take advances, it screams "high risk" and sets off huge red flags. if you ever take a cash advance out on a CC (which i personally do not recommend and would never do myself), do not carry it as a balance. PIF asap or risk getting an AA letter in the mail. 

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Re: Capital One Declined

Taking $20 cash out seems to be like one is  desperate for cash even though you were just testing it...I know you are not just saying how it may look to the bank

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Re: Capital One Declined

jeffery581 wrote:

I can understand why your mad. It is what it is. I agree, any card company that offers cash advance shouldn't get suspicious, after all you can charge it up with purchases and not pay either, so what's the difference. That being said, it will make them nervous. Just establish more history with them and you will be fine. These people that talk about Capital One being "sub-prime" are full of it. Capital One offers prime cards as well, so..Don't let it make you mad, it just spooked them maybe. 

Credit cards are trackable, cash is not. In the of a identity theft, as in what Cap1 probably suspects in OP's case, the supposed crooks can just make away with the money and be gone. 

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Re: Capital One Declined

Re:the supposed crooks can just make away with the money and be gone. 


Can't the supposed crooks make off with the goods as well? Cameras are everywhere. Especially on ATM and inside banks.


CCC's take a risk giving any one a card. PERIOD 


But Anyway, LOL

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Re: Capital One Declined

Good point. However, statistically speaking, when a card holder takes out a CA for a sizeable amount of their CL or when they max out their card; the likely hood of default increases exponentially. These are major indicators and they send CCC's scurrying in a mad panic. AA letters soon follow.

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Re: Capital One Declined

Appreciate the feed back from everyone. I now have a better understanding on why this action was taking againest my account. I know now that I will not make this mistake again. Lesson learned!

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