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Capital One EO FTW!

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Capital One EO FTW!

After my friend got his identity stolen I decided it was a good time to maybe start monitoring my credit reports, I found out my old C1 card was still reporting and decided to get a replacement card. My starting limit was $1500 back in 05' when I was just starting my credit journey...

After I got my replacement card I called in to get a CLI and was declined due to "This Capital One account is not currently eligible for a credit line increase upon request" I tried calling and and asking over chat, but they kept decling me and said I would get a letter in the mail in 7 days... At this point I was like **bleep**?!? My current limits on my other cards are in the 15-25K range and I have a 790 fico score across the board.


So I did what anyone else would do... I googled' "capital one credit increase" and found this great forum! TY myFICO! =)


After reading thru a few threads I decided to shoot the facebook team a msg and I got a super fast response back asking me to email them my request. The next day I received a call from the EO dept, I put in my request from $1,500 to 15,000. EO rep advised me he would put in a request for a manual review and will call me back in about 2 days. Today I received the call, he advised me the request was approved w/ a soft pull and he also added cash rewards to my account. EO dept FTW! He gave me his contact again for future reference and told me to contact him for any other request or questions. The EO dept has awesome service, wish I didn't have to go this far but hey I guess it works.

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Re: Capital One EO FTW!

Thats awesome!!  Congrats!! Smiley Happy


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Re: Capital One EO FTW!

Way to go congrats! & welcome to the forums! You'd be surprise at the amount of info. You can learn from here. Its awesome! Smiley Happy
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Re: Capital One EO FTW!

Thanks guys, I will be sticking around to learn more about credit. I've never missed a payment since 05 and have had 4 auto loans paid off since, but never looked into CLI every 6 months and calling back door numbers ... This forum has been very informative and helpful I'm so glad I found this site.
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Re: Capital One EO FTW!

Very awesome!!!!


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Re: Capital One EO FTW!

i contacted them last week and this morning my limit was increased from 500 to 750. I initially requested 3000 but only got a 250 dollar increase. Well something is better than nothing but not happy at all...

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Re: Capital One EO FTW!

NICE!!!  Nothing wrong with adding a zero and moving a comma.

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Re: Capital One EO FTW!

Wow! awesome increase!

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Re: Capital One EO FTW!

Welcome and Congrats!

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Re: Capital One EO FTW!

Congrats, that is the largest Cap One CL I have ever seen!

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