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Capital One EO Review - SP ANNOYED

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Re: Capital One EO Review - SP ANNOYED

zyzzus wrote:
May I humbly remind you capital one doesn't owe you anything and I'd imagine their executive office gets beat up all day long. Wait until they sp again and call back to explain. No need to be upset. Just a business doing business. Capital one shows love to those of us that couldn't find it elsewhere. For that I've been truly greatful to them.

I agree with you dude.  They've been very good to me while others snubbed their noses.  And their EO has been exceptionally friendly and helpful.  I'd recommend them over any other company for rebuilding, but I also hope to establish a long term relationship with them, both for business and personal.

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Re: Capital One EO Review - SP ANNOYED

I would recommend Capital One to anyone rebuilding. I still have two Capital One cards but I will cancel them as soon as I think my score can stand it. They did give me a chance when no one else would. I'm not going to bash them for helping me get back on my feet but I've outgrown them now and its their choice and their right not to grow with me. They have chosen not to so its my right and my choice to not to pay them for having credit cards any longer when I can now get credit cards that pay me. They made money off me, they were happy. They gave me credit, I was happy. We both won the way I see it.

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